PSR Summer Job Board

Below is a list of openings for the 2021 summer camping season that we are still looking to fill. Job descriptions for all positions at camp can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. Anyone interested can apply online at


Openings by Program Area



  • Aquatics Director
  • Lakefront Director
  • Pool Director
  • Aquatics staff (6 spots)



  • ATV Director
  • ATV Assistant



  • Commissary Director
  • Head Cook
  • Food Packer
  • Commissary Staff (5 spots) 



  • COPE Director



  • COSA Staff (2 spots)


Extreme Sports

  • FULL


  • Ecology Director
  • Quartermaster
  • Ecology Staff (7 spots)



  • FULL



  • Camp Commissioners (1 spot)
  • Camp Chaplain



  • Maintenance Staff (4 spots)



  • Office Manager
  • Health Officer


Shooting Sports

  • Rifle Director
  • Rifle Staff (2 spots)
  • Shotgun Director
  • Shotgun Assistant


Starting Place

  • Starting Place Staff (1 spot)


  • Tower Director

Trading Post

  • Trading Post Director


last updated 12/15/2020


File Name Description
Aquatics - Director Download
Aquatics - Staff Download
Aquatics -Lakefront Director Download
Aquatics -Pool Director Download
Camp Photographer Download
Commissary- Food Packer Download
Commissary- Staff Download
COPE Director Download
COSA - Director Download
COSA - Instructor Download
Ecology - Director Download
Ecology - Instructor Download
Extreme Sports - Director Download
Extreme Sports - Instructor Download
Food Service Director Download
FTC - Director Download
FTC - Instructor Download
Handicraft - Director Download
Handicraft - Instructor Download
Maintenance Download
Management- Assistant Camp Director Download
Management- Camp Director Download
Management- Commissioner Download
Management- Program Commissioner Download
Management- Program Director Download
Miscellaneous- Chaplain Download
Miscellaneous- EMT_Medical Assistant Download
Office Manager Download
Shooting Sports - Director Download
Shooting Sports - Staff Download
Starting Place - Director Download
Starting Place - Instructor Download
Tower - Director Download
Tower - Instructor Download