Campsite P Cap June 17-23 June 24-June 30 July 1-7 July 8-14 July 15-21 July 22-28 July 29-Aug 4
Appleseed 0 90 T27 T1085* T4472* T25/T844* T68 /T448* T53*
Beard 16 32 T314/T329 T195/T204* T477* T222/T408 T366* T941* T406
Boone 0 90 T334* T281*   /T101* T104*    
Bowie 0 80 T846* T31*   T55 T192* T1941*  
Boyles 0 32   T421* T1402* T251* T111* T185* T119*
Butler North 0 46 T87 T356*/T188* T12* T360 T1930* T532* T167*
Butler South 0 46 T805*/T17* T209* T20* T114/T34* T358   T2261*
Carson 0 60 T777* T228*/T40*   T777 T911* T1491* T121*
Clark 10 32 T347/T708* T547*/T357 T90* T802*/T63 T332/T735* T66/T4157* T45*/T4247*
Cody 20 44 T302/T315/T337 T290* T401* T154 T14 T403*/T252 Webelos
Coulter 0 40 T102* T781*   T337* T294* T1954*  
Cresap 16 40 T140* T84* T325 T505*/T62 T308* T485/T123* T364*
Crockett 16 32 T320 T342/T57 T210 T117/T205* T263 T103 Webelos
DeLaSalle 0 50 T13* T782* T502* T304* T338*/T43* T1407*/T579* T176*
Houston 16 32 T104 T422/T254 T472* T167 T270*/T100* T38/T380* Webelos 
Klewer 0 32 T340* T244* T1061* T185* T326* T96* T623*
Navarre 16 32 T101 T1666/T339 T349* T123/T131 T936* T198 Webelos 
Nessle 16 48 T720*/T246* T2 T208 T888* T1795* T160* T605*
Powell 0 40 T603* T112 T417* T160 T4* T97 T199
Summit 16 48 T343/T243*/T364* T200/T123* T258/T4083* T4002*/T85* T419/T13* T579* T370/T460
Scouts in Week     477 CLOSED 285 492 468 416 189
*Out of Council Unit                  
P - # of platforms in site                  

To register your troop for summer camp please contact the Scout Service Center at 419-241-7293 or fill out the form below.

Please mail your reservations to:

Camp Frontier Summer Camp Reservations
P.O. Box 8728
Toledo, OH 43623

New to Camp? Please contact Steve Porter, Camp Frontier Director for campsite specifics and to discuss the best options to meet your troop's needs.

Cell Phone: 517.270.3707

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